Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Getaway

Mulberry Gap is a rustic haven located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia with IMBA Epic mountain bike trails outside our front door! 

The History

 We are tucked away in the midst of Chattahoochee National Forest in northwest Georgia, the states' designated “Mountain Bike Capital”.

This multi level wooded property was beautifully designed by George Mitchell of Dalton, Georgia. Previously a mountain retreat for his family and friends, George brought in three sleeping cabins, a camp kitchen and rustic dining hall. He cleared spacious camping areas and added enormous hand built picnic tables. He provided a small bathhouse on the hill leading to the camp area. Two small ponds, fed by natural springs trickle into a brook which runs behind the cabins and camping area. Small bridges, viewing areas and paths were constructed as well. Trout were stocked in the ponds for his grand kids. Wildflowers, wild mushrooms, butterflies, moths, salamanders and turtles were plentiful as were rhododendron bushes, hardwood and hemlock trees. An outdoor paradise!

The upper portion of the property was eventually equipped with a home, barn, pasture, ferrier shed and large workshop. His hobby was mules and horses. Hitching posts as well as large chains concreted into the ground remain on the property which formerly secured the livestock. All utilities were installed underground before adding a large circular, paved driveway. Nothing interferes with the natural beauty of the property!

Meanwhile, we Floridians were getting antsy from back to back hurricanes, sweltering heat and skyrocketing land prices. We were tipped off to the beauty of north Georgia and began making occasional trips to scout out an acre or two for camping purposes. While scouting the area, we learned of the property at Mulberry Gap. Purely out of curiosity , we requested to see what was behind the closed gates. We took the tour with the owner, learned it’s history and fell in love at first sight. The wheels began turning!

We began to imagine building a business on the 15 acres based on home away from home comforts for outdoor enthusiasts that love the outdoors but not the hassle that often goes with packing and unpacking endless gear. After a few months, the arrangements were made and we jumped in on a wing and a prayer! Leaving established and routine lives in Vero Beach was scary, but new hopes, dreams and challenges are exciting.

Little by little we began upgrading the amenities. The first priority was to build a larger, comfortable bathhouse, close to the center of activities in the camp area. With that in progress, we tackled the dining hall-scrubbed it down, replaced the ceiling, stained and decorated the walls and accumulated tables and chairs. We doubled the size of the deck and added koi to the existing trout in the ponds. We fixed up the sleeping cabins – new blinds, spreads, sheets, pillows and porch railings. Camp kitchen, about half the size it is now, got a good scrubbing and we began stocking it with cooking and serving supplies. There were lots of windows to wash, leaves to rake and rocks to move. We had a blast!

Since the fall of 2006, we have continually adapted the property to add to the enjoyment of our guests. We brought in hot tubs, prepared a bike wash area and planted wildflowers around the property. An additional 2 unit couple/family cabin has been added. The Barn has been converted to a rustic event facility which has hosted a number of biking events, adventure races, the original Southern Cross cyclocross ride, music events,  weddings and a festival. The workshop is now a Recreation room with a fabulous collection of mountain bike memorabilia.

We have enjoyed sharing Mulberry Gap with our guests and do our best to make it a comfortable, casual home away from home. It is the ultimate honor for us to have many guests who return regularly and become our friends. We appreciate the support and encouragement we have received to continue the mission of Mulberry Gap as a unique mountain bike destination!

Meet The Owners


We’re mostly family. It’s complicated, it works, and we can’t wait to meet you!


Ginni: Head Chef

Ginni Taylor - Is our Gifted Chef and prepares the fabulous meals at Mulberry Gap. She has strong motherly instincts to feed and watch over our guests after raising two children of her own and adopting 5 others. Ginni grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to banking and real estate, she ran a B&B at a ski resort in Vermont. 


Diane: Property Manager & Bookkeeper 

Diane Kepley - Grew up moving around the northeast, graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, traveled a bit in Europe, the continental United States and Alaska and worked as Certified Property Manager. Eventually moving to Vero Beach, FL with her husband, Steve, who is an optometrist and owner of Tropical Eye Associates, she served as his office manager for 20+ years while raising three children; Jason, Kate and Rachel. She has a soft heart for animals, especially the homeless and wounded and has raised a myriad of birds, turtles, snakes, squirrels, dogs, cats and pigs…


Andrew: The Last American Man, Jack of all Trades & Lumbersexual 

Andrew Gates - Holds certifications as a Firefighter and EMT-I. He began practicing the art of Seibukon karate at the age of 7 and obtained his 2nd degree black belt at the age of 17. He was fortunate to travel extensively while competing at an international level. Since retiring from karate, he has become an avid mountain biker and completed his Mountain Bike Instructor Certification through IMBA. Andrew & Kate met in high school while living in Vero Beach, FL and married at Mulberry Gap in November 2013. They enjoy challenging themselves and adventuring together; including cross-country road trips, hiking, biking, climbing and whitewater sports. Along with Andrew’s medical training, he is known for his ability to problem solve, fix things and get the job done.


Kate: Marketing Director & Events Coordinator

Kate Gates – Graduated from Florida State University in 2011. Between 2010-2011, she studied and worked in Florence, Italy and traveled throughout Europe in her spare time. Upon arriving back in the states she moved to Chattanooga, TN where she worked as a raft guide on the Ocoee River and studied to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. Beyond yoga, her passions include health & nutrition, traveling, photography and outdoor adventures with Andrew and their dog, Brewski.


Meet the Crew


Brian Wood: Groundskeeper & Kitchen Assistant

Military veteran of 15-years with extensive land navigation and survival skills. Brian started mountain biking only a little over a year ago to become healthier and spend more time in nature. He is passionate about helping others and enjoys learning new things every day. 

IMG_3198 (1).JPG

Ashley Gray: Office Assistant

Graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1997.  Shortly after graduating she moved to Atlanta, GA and met her husband, Chris. She has two children, Elsbeth and James, and a dog named Gnocchi.  She worked for The Coca-Cola Company for several years until they moved to Ellijay looking for a quieter life. Ashley is the Accountant for Cartecay Bike Shop and is the assistant swim coach for Gilmer County. She enjoys mountain and road biking, swimming, trail running, reading, sketching and quality time with Chris and her kids.