Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Getaway

Mulberry Gap is a rustic haven located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia with IMBA Epic mountain bike trails outside our front door! We provide cabin and campsite lodging, delicious home cooked meals and an amazing craft beer selection, shuttles to trailheads, guided mountain bike tours, and we host a variety of clinics, events, and private groups. 

TNGA Support

9th Annual Trans North Georgia Ride (TNGA)
August 18-25, 2017

The TNGA is a 350 mile mountain bike route through the mountains of North GA on trails, forest roads and paved roads featuring challenging terrain, beautiful scenery and over 56,000 feet of climbing. Mulberry Gap is the main support system used by riders participating in the event. 

Keep track of updates on the TNGA Facebook page and visit the TNGA website here

We guarantee that all costs are normal charges and in some cases discounted for TNGA riders. We do not increase our prices in any way because of this event.

Below is a brief description of what we typically provide (years 2010 – 2017). If there are other needs, please let us know and we’ll see if we can arrange or provide.


Riders need to arrive at Mulberry Gap no later than Friday at 2:00pm, August 17th. We will depart Mulberry Gap as a group to head towards Clayton, GA. If you're late, you'll have to find another way to the hotel. Arriving the night before is preferable to avoid last minute delays or accidents which might hinder your being on the shuttle as planned. Your vehicle can remain secure at Mulberry Gap for $3.00/day.  We will keep your keys in the office for safe keeping.

We will have prearranged transportation to shuttle you, your bike and gear to Clayton, GA which is about 20 minutes from the start of the race. Time from Mulberry Gap to the hotel lodging is approximately 2.5 hours. We will have dinner together as a group and you'll have a chance to purchase last minute groceries for your trip in Clayton. 

We have moved away from the yurts for variety of reasons. This year, will have rented a block of hotel rooms to increase the comfort and sleep quality for participants. Each room will have double-occupancy with 2 queen beds. Cell phone service, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning are available here which many past participants requested. We will separate snorers from non-snorers. Space is limited and you must register ahead of time. Due to the new space, we will not be offering out typical breakfast spread. The hotel comes we a free continental breakfast. However, there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance if you would prefer to go out to eat. 

You are responsible for walking to riding to the restaurant of your choice. You and your bike must be loaded and ready to roll out of the hotel parking lot no later than 7:00am. The shuttle drivers will spend the night at the hotel with you and get you to the start on Saturday morning. All of those vehicles will come back to Mulberry Gap on the same day. You may send back any excess gear or clothing that you do not wish to take with you on the ride. 



I need help getting to the start.

You'll need to arrive at Mulberry Gap no later than 12:00pm (noon) on Friday, August 17th. We'll depart as one group and head towards Clayton, GA, about 2.5 hours away. We have reserved a block of rooms for everyone. You'll need to sign up for both services ahead of time. Shuttle cost is $55.00 per person. Hotel cost is $65.00 per person. 

Need someone to monitor your whereabouts and safety? 

If you need someone to monitor you on Trackleader we will provide that service 24 hours/day until you finish. Cost: $5.00/day.  We will also be available for emergency pick-up. Our phone number is 706-698-2865. Put it in your phone NOW. 

I have someone monitoring me but they are not available for an pick up (emergency or non-emergency) or DNF.

Should you need that service, we are available if called and told of the need and your location. Ourselves and Derek (race director) must be aware that we are your emergency contact and have a credit card on file in advance of the ride. Cost: $70.00

You've changed the way you charge for shuttle, why?

All in an effort to be more clear on costs. We've had 7 years of experience with this event and have always tried to be as fair about pricing as possible. In the past, we collected the total cost of gas, time, etc. and divided it between all of the riders who opted for that service. Although we were able to give a rough estimate of total costs ahead of time based on the previous year, there was still a little wiggle room due to varying circumstances. This year, we opted for a flat fee for the drop off and pick up. 

If I need to come by Mulberry Gap in route, what can I expect and what will charges be?

Mulberry Gap is located less than 1/2 mile off the course at Mulberry Gap Road/Conasauga/FS 18. We are near mile 215 at coordinate (34.798139,-84.6118793).  We are the only full service facility along the route, therefore, you can take advantage of any of the services we normally provide which are listed below. 

  • A place to sleep during the ride – you may camp or rent a sleeping cabin with an AC/Heater. 
    • Private Cabin with all linens + shower - Cost: $45.00/person ($20 discount)
    • Shared Cabin with all linens + shower  - Cost: $30.00/person ($35 discount)
    • Cot or Sofa in The Barn - Cost: $0
    • Tent or Hammock site - Cost: $0
  • A place to enthusiastically receive support & encouragement and share your journey thus far. Cost: Priceless!
  • A place to wash your bike. Cost: $0
  • A place to recharge – phone, camera, batteries Cost: $0
  • A place to phone home and check emails and messages on our Wi-Fi. Cost: $0
  • A place to wash your clothes – Yes, we can do that while you rest/sleep/eat/relax. A clean kit can do wonders for the waning spirit. Cost: $8.00
  • A place to shower – freshen up and ride better! Towel and hygiene products provided. Cost: $10.00
  • A place to tune your bike – Cartecay Bike Shop will be available with tools and parts. Cost: Varies
  • A place to restock – we carry nutrition products, fresh fruit, nutritional shakes, chamois butter, first aid materials, bike tubes, brake pads, lube, batteries, hygiene products, batteries, etc. Cost: Varies
  • A place to order food to-go – we can prepare wraps, fruit, sweet goodies to go. Cost: Varies
  • A place to eat a hot and nutritious meal – we will have a number of options available which are homemade and fresh. Cost: Varies

How does it work if I come through during the night?

We will have staff available 24/7 for the first 3-4 days depending on need and our estimation on your time of arrival. We will have water available for your resupply needs at all times. You are welcome to nap in The Barn, use wifi, make phone calls, etc. We will have food options available. 

If my car is parked there during the ride, am I allowed to retrieve supplies, sleep in it, change clothes, etc?

NO! Mulberry Gap will not be policing activities but please follow all rules of the ride so as not to risk disqualification. If clarification is needed, contact Derek Kozlowski at  He will be addressing this issue in the official rules.

At the end of the ride:

For those who need pick up, we appreciate a call 3-4 hours in advance if it is your plan to ride to the finish (we don’t want to get there only to realize you decided to sleep and finish the ride in the morning). Once we know your intent, we will monitor your progress and pick up as soon as possible. If there is another rider due in within a two hour window, we will attempt to pick up both at the same time to save costs of travel and time. Cost is $70.00/per person.

If I leave my car parked at Mulberry Gap, is it possible to meet me at the finish with my vehicle so I can head home from there?

Yes, it is possible but cost of pick up will require additional fees. 

Parking your vehicle at Mulberry is at a cost of $3/day to cover additional insurance.  For your safety, be sure to consider how tired you will be at the end and make arrangements to rest somewhere before driving any distance.

Do I need to make a reservation if I want to stay at Mulberry Gap to rest before driving home?

Yes, we would like to know of your intention to do so. We do however realize that circumstances surrounding this ride are unpredictable and we are flexible about changes that may be necessary. 

Can my family stay at Mulberry Gap during the ride?

Yes! We welcome anyone who wants to stay to make a reservation to do so in advance (cabin or camping). Again, we are flexible as to changes that occur due to an unexpected turn of events during the ride. Remember, the rules of self-support are in place – they are not assist you in your ride! Know the rules in advance so there is no violation! Family and friends will be charged our normal rates. Discounted rates only apply to racers.

Can my family/friends hang out at Mulberry Gap to see me come through?

Yes! We welcome and enjoy the enthusiasm of others watching and waiting. We will provide the same services, such as meals and showers at an additional cost. Remember the rules of self-support apply – do not assist your rider! Know the rules in advance so there is no violation!

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