Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way

Mulberry Gap is a rustic haven located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia with IMBA Epic mountain bike trails outside our front door! We provide cabin and campsite lodging, delicious home cooked meals and an amazing craft beer selection, shuttles to trailheads, guided mountain bike tours, and we host a variety of clinics, events, and private groups. 


Event FAQ

Mulberry Gap's staff with assist in making your experience as seamless as possible. Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions to help you plan and prepare.




Q: You require 3 meals a day to be catered through Mulberry Gap. What if we're not onsite during the middle of the day? 

A: We can be flexible about lunch. Whether you choose to dine here, have a packed lunch to-go, or need to make other arrangements for excursions, such as a white-water rafting day, talk with us about your plans.


Q: You require a $300 minimum order for events. What if our event is alcohol-free? 

A: That's ok, we are happy to work with you on this. You can opt to order $150 worth of non-alcoholic drinks.

Q: Can I bring my own beer?

A: We do require beer to be purchased through Mulberry Gap. However, you may bring your own wine and spirits. 



Lodging Payments

Q: I've chosen the Full Facility Rental but don't want to foot the lodging bill for my guests to stay the whole weekend. Can they pay for their portion of lodging or meals?

A: If you choose the Full Facility Rental, all invoices are billed directly to you in 3 installments which will cover you're guests meals and lodging throughout the duration of your event. 

Inclement Weather

Q: What if there's a high chance of adverse weather during my event?

A: We'll do everything we can do ensure you still have a wonderful experience. During your planning process, you should consider rainy day alternatives or rental items such as tents to keep guests as comfortable as possible. 

We're happy to assist with your itinerary planning! 




Q: Do you have glassware available for rent?

A: You may rent glassware from a local vendor who will deliver and pick up. Due to additional clean up time, there is an additional service fee, which is determined based on quantity and usage. 



Q: What type of plates will our meals be served on? 

A: We use melamine dinner plates from Pottery Barn. We have White, Blue, and Salmon. Small plates and bowls are not currently available. 



Q: What type of flatware will be available?

A: We use simple stainless steel flatware for meals. Should you desire a more elegant look, our local rental company may supply you with additional options. 


Tables & Chairs

Q: How many tables & chairs are located inside and outside of The Barn?

A: Inside Seating - 7 tables with seating for 55. Outside Seating - 3 tables with seating for 12.

Additional items such as high tops or sit down tables may be rented through a local vendor.



Q: Are we able to put up signage along highways and gravel roads to direct guests to our event?

A: Absolutely! We can even help you with creating the signage if needed. 



Q: What type of napkins are available?

A: We use high quality trifold paper napkins during meals. Should you prefer linen napkins, these may be rented through out local vendor.



Q: When do my decorations need to be torn down?

A: If you've chosen a full facility rental, you items may stay up until 1:00pm the day of your scheduled departure. If you have chosen a shared facility rental, all decorations must be torn down by 9:00pm the evening of your event. 

Please note: Our staff with handle the set up and tear down of any items rented from directly Mulberry Gap. You are only responsible for your own items. We may assist with the breakdown of those items as well for an additional fee of $20/per hour, per staff member.


Q: Do you partner with any florists in Ellijay? 

A: Yes! We have a few florists in town who will work with you to create the perfect arrangements and table decorations to meet your needs and match your style. 




Alternative Lodging

Q: What if some of my guests need to lodge offsite?

A: Ellijay & Chatsworth have several great options for lodging close to Mulberry Gap. From Airbnb's, VBRO's, Locally-owned B&B's or Hotels - let us know if you need recommendations and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Wedding Planning Services

Q: I need help with my event. Do you work with any Event Planners?

A: Yes! We recommend Emmie Allmon.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 12.31.36 PM.png



Q: Is someone available to officiate our wedding? 

A: Luckily, one of our staff members is ordained and is happy to conduct your wedding ceremony for a fee of $100.

Live Music

Q: Do you allow live music? How late can they play?

A: Yes, we sure do! Private Facility Rental - music must end by 11:00pm. Shared Facility Rental - music must end by 9:00pm. 

We can also make a few recommendations for local muscisians! 



Help our local volunteers and club members
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Click/tap for directions here |  706-698-2865 | We're open for business Thursday - Monday. We are closed on Tuesday & Wednesday.