Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way

Mulberry Gap is a rustic haven located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia with IMBA Epic mountain bike trails outside our front door! We provide cabin and campsite lodging, delicious home cooked meals and an amazing craft beer selection, shuttles to trailheads, guided mountain bike tours, and we host a variety of clinics, events, and private groups. 

Food at The Gap


Breakfast: $12/day/adult       $6/per day/ages 14 and under

All you care to eat; usually served between 8:00 – 8:30 am with a 45 minute window of opportunity from the time it is served (time can be adjusted depending on season and weather conditions). Coffee available 30 minutes prior to breakfast.

Please note that not all of these menu choices are offered on a single morning. It is the chef’s choice each day as to what will be prepared and served. If you have special requests, please notify us at least 48 hours in advanced.

  • Belgian waffles, French toast or Pancakes
  • Biscuits and sausage gravy
  • Scrambled cheesy eggs, served without cheese when requested
  • Fresh fruit
  • Oatmeal or grits
  • Yogurt & granola
  • Fruit Danish or muffins
  • Sausage, ham or bacon
  • Hash browns or fried potatoes
  • Hot tea, milk, bottomless coffee!


Lunch: $10/per day/adult      $6/per day/ages 14 and under

Available upon advance request and can be packed to go if needed

  • Ham or turkey wraps or sandwiches
  • Hamburgers, barbecue or chicken salad sandwich
  • Peanut butter & jelly or banana sandwich
  • Homemade soups, stews or chili
  • Fresh fruit
  • Chips, Peanuts, trail mix
  • Freshly baked cookies, brownies, M&M’s, Payday
  • Tea


$20/per day/adult       $10/per day/ages 14 and under

All you care to eat; adjusted seasonally, we serve at 6:00 pm . Ginni appreciates when her food is eaten while it’s freshly cooked and hot so it is recommended you be there when the food is put out! We never deep fry our food. Please note that not all of these menu choices are offered on a single morning.

  • Salad – a fresh variety of greens and romaine lettuce, tomatoes and other toppings. You’ll never be satisfied with a restaurant garden salad again!
  • Dinner rolls, cornbread, jalapeno bread and beer bread
  • Chicken: Southern, Barbeque, Curry or Baked
  • Pork: Pulled Pork Barbeque, seasoned and grilled
  • Red Meat: Tenderloin, Beef Brisket or Flat Iron Steaks.
  • Low Country Boil – shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob
  • Mexican fiesta night (a favorite!)
  • Pasta with homemade sauces and meatballs or a variety of spiced and seasoned sausage
  • Baked or mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole or casserole
  • Corn – kernel, creamed, on the cob or casserole
  • Green beans, squash, zucchini in season
  • Peas, carrots, broccoli, mixed veggies
  • Baked beans, Pasta Salad and Potato Salad
  • Fruit cobbler, brownies with ice cream, pies ala mode
  • (by request, we are happy to make desserts for special occasions)
  • Sweet & Unsweet tea