Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way

Mulberry Gap is a rustic haven located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia with IMBA Epic mountain bike trails outside our front door! We provide cabin and campsite lodging, delicious home cooked meals and an amazing craft beer selection, shuttles to trailheads, guided mountain bike tours, and we host a variety of clinics, events, and private groups. 

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Phone: 706-698-2865

Hours Of Operation: Thursday - Monday. Reservations accepted through Monday night, departure on Tuesday morning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what’s this place all about?

Mountain bikers are passionate about their sport, this we know! When you finally arrange time to mountain bike, there is great anticipation about the outdoor adventures that lie ahead. Whether it’s a week, a weekend or a day trip, you want to escape and immerse yourself in the thrills and challenges of mountain biking.

At Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way, we are equally passionate about providing you with a total mountain bike experience.

What is meant when you are referred to as a “ride out / ride in” facility for mountain bikers?

--Our location is in the heart of the designated “Mountain Bike Capital of Georgia.” We are surrounded by some of the best mountain bike trails in the southeast; Pinhoti, Bear Creek, Mountaintown Creek, Windy Gap, and Milma along with forest service roads, which connect the trail options and can be accessed by bike right out of our driveway.

The ride out / ride in slogan is sometimes confused with being unable to drive to us but we are easily accessible from Ellijay, Eton & Chatsworth. Once you’re here, feel free to park your car, hop on your bike and let us take care of the rest for the duration of your stay!


I’m a sports fan

--Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Barn is open to our guests 24/7 and has a 60-inch flat screen TV with a sports package so you can stay up to date with your favorite sports team.

The Barn also has free Wi-Fi, books, movies, mini-bikes, life size jenga, cornhole, foosball table, cards and plenty of table top games for adults and children.


I need Wi-Fi and phone access

--You can access free Wi-Fi throughout many parts of our property.  A land line, located in The Barn is available for your use.  Contact number is 706-698-2864.


Do your campsites have hook ups?

--Due to the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resource restrictions, our campsites cannot be equipped with water hook ups, nor do we have a dump station onsite.  There are three locations with electric hook up (up to 30 amp) for tent users. One of those locations is appropriate for an RV.


What is a sleeping cabin?

--One room private cabins. Its primary purpose is a comfortable place to sleep and store your belongings. At Mulberry Gap, you will spend most of your day in the outdoors, around the table enjoying delicious food and in common areas sharing trails tales with fellow mountain bikers.

View images, rates, amenities and availability of our cabins here.


What is meant by flexible check in, check out?

--Though your cabin availability may depend on someone else checking out, you may arrive early and start your riding. On the day of your check out, we may ask to have access to your cabin to turnover for the next guest but you are welcome to ride, shower and relax before heading home.


Cancellation policy?

--Please read our Cancellation Policy here. 


Hot tubs, bathrooms, showers?

--Our unique bathhouses are conveniently located near the sleeping cabins and camping area. We have two bathhouses on site with a total of 4 showers and 3 toilets per gender. One bathhouse is shared, the other is private which is a perfect option for couples or families with young children who need assistance with showering/dressing. Each bathhouse is kept clean, has plenty of hot water and is stocked with soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion along with a hair dryer. The bathhouses are kept warm in the cooler months and fan cooled during the summer.

We have two cozy barrel hot tubs located beside the brook that runs through the property behind the cabins. Relax while enjoying the moon, endless stars and rustling trees. The hot tubs have ozonators and are sanitized daily. Hot tubs close at 11:00pm. Please be considerate of nearby guests.


What is your "lights out" policy?

--First and foremost, be respectful! Because we are small and private, this is an excellent facility for small groups of friends to gather and enjoy their time together. If one group reserves the entire camp, a great deal of leniency can be shown. However, if multiple guests are in camp, a reasonable lights out, no noise policy should be observed. Several gathering places are available away from others wanting to sleep. Above all, please be considerate of others!  


Shuttle service?

--We are happy to provide shuttle services to most trailheads! We understand not everyone is up to the amount of climbing it takes to reach some of the trails. As of late 2018, we have a shuttle van and MUST take all guests in our designated shuttle vehicle. Fees are dependent upon the distance and time it takes to shuttle you to trailhead and are priced per person. 

Find our shuttle schedule & fees here.


What is your policy regarding smoking?

--Smoking is a major fire threat in our wooded environment. If you must smoke, please do so in the area of a fire pit and dispose of the butt therein. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the cabins and other facilities. Please do not litter our grounds with cigarette butts. 


What is your policy regarding the use of alcohol?

--We’re alcohol friendly and even carry a wide selection of craft beer, usually about 35-40 different options! Our alcohol products are sold at competitive rates.  Ice is also available.

Moderate use of alcohol is allowed, however, drunkenness, unruly behavior or use of profanity is strictly prohibited. We ask that you drink responsibly.


Can I bring my dog?

--Absolutely! We have 6 dogs, 2 cats and a bird (currently) of our own and would love to meet your furry friend. Please crate them or bring a blanket to protect our rugs and bedding. Clean up after your pet and keep them restrained if necessary so they are not a nuisance or threat to other guests or dogs.

We apologize, but we cannot offer short or long-term boarding or dog-sitting services while you ride.

Pet fees are $10.00 per pet, per night for campsites and $20.00 per pet per night for cabins, and you can add them to your bill during the reservation process.


What are my options if I have a mechanical problem during vacation? Where’s the nearest bike shop?

--We have a bike stand, basic tools, basic parts and have all the cell phone numbers of the local bike shop owners. If it’s something relatively simple, we’re happy to assist onsite. For major mechanical issues, you’ll visit our friends at Cartecay Bike Shop in Ellijay, just 12 miles from our property. 


Do you rent bikes?

--No, however, our friends at Cartecay Bike Shop in Ellijay can help you out. We recommend reserving these in advance if you know you won't be traveling with a bike. Call Cartecay directly (706) 635-2453 and they'll hook you up.


What if I get injured?

--We have basic first aid products, ice packs, and Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certified staff.  For major injuries, 911 knows of our location and are familiar with the trails.


I’m coming by myself and don’t know the trails, do you offer maps or guides?

--Yes! We know it can be daunting to enter unfamiliar woods. Whether you’re staying on site or just parking for the day, we’ll go over maps and directions with you. We ask you to register your route and projected return time so someone knows your whereabouts. 


Someone in my party doesn’t ride. What other activities are available nearby.

--Check out our “Things To Do” section with links to other adventure opportunities near Mulberry Gap.


What are your peak seasons and seasonal weather conditions?

--We are open all year and experience peak season during spring and fall. Our area is attractive as a get away from the extreme heat of southern climates and from the snow and frigid cold of the northern climates.
Climate for Ellijay (our mountain location is typically 8-10 degrees cooler than Atlanta in summer):

  •   Average Rainfall - 60.4 inches annually

  •   Average Temperature

  • + 85 degrees Summer

  • + 35 degrees Winter

    • Spring - Wildflowers and daffodils begin in mid March, peak in May and early June

    • Summer - Rhododendron and mountain laurel bloom mid May–July with more wildflowers.

    • Fall - Leaves peak the end of October and first week of November

    • Winter - Snowfall is beautiful but sporadic and only remains on the ground a few days. All trails remain open.


How much mountain road is required to get to Mulberry Gap / Directions?

--We are a mountain destination but easy to get to since we are just 20 minutes (12 miles) from Ellijay and about 30 miles from Chatsworth. From Ellijay, the road is gently winding. From Chatsworth, you must cross Fort Mountain so there is more climbing and winding but scenic and offers several overlooks for mountain viewing.

Coming from Ellijay and Chatsworth, you will turn off Hwy 52 onto Conasauga Road which is paved except the last two miles before getting to Mulberry Gap. This short section of gravel road is well maintained but can be dusty.

Coming from Eton, CCC Camp Road is paved until entering the forest alongside Holly Creek. There will be about 5 miles of gravel before getting to Mulberry Gap. This road is more bumpy and rocky however, it is a scenic byway, a beautiful drive and 20-25 minutes shorter than crossing over Hwy 52 from Chatsworth.



Hunting season dangers?

--Hunters are required to be off the trails by 10 am. For extra precaution, wear bright colored clothing and ride with at least one other person. We have a large forest and wilderness area here so there are plenty of places to hunt without being right on the trails.



--We are located in the forest and near the Cohutta Wilderness Area and Wildlife Management area. The area has deer, black bear, bobcats, coyotes, raccoons, wild turkey, birds of prey and an occasional mountain lion. These animals are to be respected but not feared. They have plenty of natural food to eat and want to avoid humans as much as we want to avoid them. If you are lucky enough to see a wild animal in it‘s natural habitat, consider it a privilege and enjoy the experience. Extreme caution should be shown with mammas and their babies as that is when they are most protective and aggressive. We recommend you ride with at least one other person or a guide.

At Mulberry Gap, we rarely have problems with wildlife. Our on site dog population is on regular patrol so though we‘ve occasionally seen something wander in to get a drink we‘ve never felt in danger. That being said, please don’t invite trouble. Lock up food and coolers in cabins or vehicles. NEVER feed a wild animal.  Your pets should be supervised and not allowed to wander freely, especially at night.


Help our local volunteers and club members
maintain these beautiful trails!

Click/tap for directions here |  706-698-2865 | We're open for business Thursday - Monday. We are closed on Tuesday & Wednesday.