Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way

Mulberry Gap is a rustic haven located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia with IMBA Epic mountain bike trails outside our front door! We provide cabin and campsite lodging, delicious home cooked meals and an amazing craft beer selection, shuttles to trailheads, guided mountain bike tours, and we host a variety of clinics, events, and private groups. 

Mountain Biking around Mulberry Gap

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When I arrived at Mulberry Gap, I was tired and grumpy. When I left Mulberry Gap, I was refreshed, full and wanted to stay and keep playing. This family has done something pretty spectacular; they took a risk on a beautiful and rugged property in the mountains of northwest Georgia and when the mountain bike community extended its metaphorical hand for a shake, Ginni, Diane, Andrew and Kate went in for a big bear hug instead. Mountain bikers have loved this place from the beginning and as a result, Mulberry Gap has been working tirelessly to make it better for us on a daily basis.
— Brice Shirbach, Pinkbike 2015

Pinhoti Trail System

The Georgia Pinhoti Trail (Pin-hoe-tee) trail is one of the many crown jewels of our northwest Georgia region and sections of it are the closest and most popular ride in/ride out trails from Mulberry Gap.

The GPT trail contains several ecosystems and includes canopied hardwood forests, endangered eastern hemlock, brooks, lakes, rocky trails, country roads and segments of highways.

The north terminus is approximately 70 miles west of Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, near the Benton MacKaye Trail. The trail's southern terminus is on Flagg Mountain, near Weogufka, Alabama.

Georgia has about 164 miles of the trail, and Alabama contains the other 171 miles of the 335-mile-long.

Pinhoti / Mountaintown Creek

Distance from MGap: 13 miles, 45 min. shuttle

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced      

Length: 5.5 mi. solo / 21.2 mi. when connected with Bear Creek, P1 & P2.

Direction / Usage: Two way / multi-use

Average Ride Time: 6 hours

Elevation Gain: 3,707 ft

Elevation Loss: 3,695 ft

  • 5.7 miles of double and single track downhill surrounded by deep mountain vegetation

  • Technical creek crossings - your feet will get wet

  • Great photo opportunities with many cascades and small waterfalls

  • Some technical skill required, as some sections are steep and loose

  • The trail can be treacherous in wet weather and after periods of heavy rain due to the number of creek crossings. 

Pinhoti/Mountaintown Creek Trail is one of the most pristine, scenic, and remote backcountry rides around. It contains 5.7+ miles of pure downhill bliss through some of the most beautiful singletrack around. It is rife with creek crossings, thick rhododendron and new growth hemlocks, waterfalls, and of course, adrenaline pumping singletrack. If you're looking for the ultimate adventure, look no further than Mountaintown connected to Bear Creek, P1, and P2. If you're feeling frisky, you can make the stout 13 mile climb over Potato Patch Mountain to Mountaintown Creek Trail right out of Mulberry Gap's gate or even add P3 to the end of the ride for a few extra miles and more climbing. 

Bear Creek

  • Beautiful overlook of Fort Mountain 

  • Barnes Creek Waterfall

  • Old growth Gennett Poplar tree

  • Typically ridden as a loop with P1 & P2

  • There's a Bear Creek Loop within the Bear Creek Trail which is also open to mountain bikes

  • Multiple creek crossings

  • Canopy coverage, lush vegetation

  • Wildlife sightings are common

Distance from MGap: 5 miles, 20 min. shuttle

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate     

Length: 2.4 mi downhill solo / 18.5 mi. with P1 & P2 / 25.66 mi
with P1, P2 & P3

Direction / Usage: Two way / multi-use

Average Ride Time: 3 hours

Elevation Gain: 293 ft / 4575 ft / 6467 ft

Elevation Loss: 926 ft / 4575 ft / 6467 ft

Bear Creek trail includes gnarly singletrack, wide open doubletrack with sweet dips/jumps, and a smile-inducing, flowy creek-bed that was pure bliss.
— Karl Rosengarth, DirtRag Magazine, 2010

Sweeping double track with plenty of easy air opportunities take you to a flowing and fun singletrack through the lush forestry of Bear Creek. As you fire it up on the downhill, cool off across one of the many creek crossings.

Bear Creek Trail is one of Georgia’s favorite and oldest mountain bike trails. This intermediate trail offers 9.6 miles of double/single track when combines with Pinhoti 1 & Pinhoti 2, a scenic overlook with a view of Fort Mountain in the distance, moderate to steep climbing, sweet descent, technical creek crossings and switchbacks along with the opportunity of wildlife sightings.

Bear Creek is beautiful in any season. The lower section of trail runs along Bear Creek, crossing back and forth several times. The creek is picturesque and the surrounding forest is lush and dense. Bear sightings are common. The immense 400-year-old Gennett Poplar, near the upper parking lot of the trailhead off FS 241, offers a glimpse of the pre-existing forest before the area was logged earlier in the century.

Pinhoti 1

  • You can also skip the tough climb of P1 by connecting Bear Creek and P2 via Wilderness Trail

  • Best looped with Bear Creek & Pinhoti 2

  • Steep climb, fast descent

  • Canopied with lush trees, very scenic

  • A few small creek crossings

Distance from MGap: 4 miles / 15 min. shuttle

Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: 3.7 mi

Direction / Usage: Two way / multi-use

Average Ride Time: 1 hours

Elevation Gain: 1386 ft

Elevation Loss: 1334 ft

After a little more than a mile you get to the top, and start an incredible singletrack downhill that goes for over a mile, with just a small uphill section in the middle. Switchbacks keep you on your toes, while nothing can wipe the smile off your face.


Pinhoti 1 is like a punch in the gut. After a screaming decent along Bear Creek, you abruptly change pace and begin a short but grueling climb. The good news; what goes up must come down! The trail rewards you nicely and you better hold on tight once you reach the top.  

Pinhoti 2

  • Rolling doubletrack at the start

  • Smile inducing speeds

  • Fast, flowy ridgeline descent 

  • Rooty & rocky towards the bottom

Distance from MGap: 4.5 miles / 15 min. shuttle

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate     

Length: 3.5 mi solo / 10 mi. when ridden as a loop

Direction / Usage: Two way / multi-use

Average Ride Time:  30 mins / 1.5 hours

Elevation Gain: 615 ft / 1320 ft loop

Elevation Loss: 987 ft / 1256 ft loop

An awesome mixed singletrack/doubletrack section of the long distance Pinhoti Trail.
— Jon Sundquist, 2014


This is one of the best singletrack downhills in Georgia – a fast, flowy, rollercoaster ride! This 4.5 mile trail has a little something for everyone; double track climbs, rocky and rooty descents and flowy, ridgeline riding. This trail is great when ridden by itself or connected with Bear Creek & Pinhoti 1. 

Pinhoti 3

  • Challenging switchbacks 

  • Steep climbs & fast descents

  • Keep your distance from other riders to avoid the "domino effect" around switchbacks

  • Ridgeline riding

  • Panoramic view of Pinhoti 3 and Potato Patch Mountain from the Cohutta Overlook 

Distance from MGap: 0.4 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced      

Length: 3.7 mi. solo / 40 mi. when connected with P4, P5 & Dennis Mill

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 1.5 hours / 7.5 hours

Elevation Gain: 1,971 ft

Elevation Loss: 1,243 ft   

Out and back trail with some serious switchbacks, steep climbs, and fast down hills.
— John Picklesimer

This is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, single track trails in our area. It is a diverse trail offering challenging uphills, fast downhills and many tight switchbacks. Pinhoti 3 is a great add on after finishing your descent on Pinhoti 2, a quick 8.5 mile out and back directly from Mulberry Gap or the start of a 40 miler if connected with Pinhoti 4, 5 and Dennis Mill. 

An amazing downhill that you should earn but don’t have to with our shuttle service.  The climb is tough but well worth the flowing downhill that follows. In addition to some really fun natural berms built in the side of the mountain, this trail contains some abrupt switchbacks and technical features.

Pinhoti 4

  • Most enjoyed when ridden with Pinhoti 3, Pinhoti 5 & Dennis Mill or Rock Creek. 

  • Grab a shuttle to the top and descend Pinhoti 4 and Pinhoti 3 for 4.3 miles of pure bliss

  • Short section accessed by Hwy 52

  • Fast & flowy

  • Mostly singletrack with small section of an old road bed to access Pinhoti 5 or drop point.

Distance from MGap: 9 miles / 25 minute shuttle

Difficulty: Intermediate     

Length: 0.7 mile solo

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 30 mins 

Elevation Gain: 286.3 ft

Elevation Loss: 214.5 ft


This is a short section of singletrack that usually serves as a connector trail, much like Pinhoti 1. Most choose to extend their downhill but shuttling to the top and descending Pinhoti 4 then connecting to Pinhoti 3. If you’re looking for a longer day in the saddle, head out of Mulberry Gap to climb Pinhoti 3 and Pinhoti 4 and then connect with Pinhoti 5 and Dennis Mill (Pinhoti 6) for 20 miles. Most arrange a shuttle pick up at the end but there’s always the option to pedal back to Mulberry Gap via pavement and gravel roads.

Pinhoti 5

  • Most enjoyed when ridden with Pinhoti 3, Pinhoti 4 & Dennis Mill or Rock Creek

  • Creek crossings

  • Wildlife openings, sightings possible

  • Steep, loose descent

  • Lush canopy coverage

Distance from MGap: 9 miles / 25 min. shuttle

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced      

Length: 5.1 miles solo

Direction: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 30 mins 

Elevation Gain: 341 ft

Elevation Loss: 1386 ft

Pinhoti 5 begins with a screaming doubletrack descent down Tatum Lead Rd.  About 2 miles in, you'll turn right down a four wheeler width trail and pray that you still have some brake pads left because it gets step and loose for the next half mile. As things start to level out some you'll cross several creeks and wildlife openings. 

Pinhoti 3, 4, 5 & Dennis Mill

  • Sweet downhills

  • Creek crossings

  • Steep climbs

  • Cohutta Overlook off Pinhoti 3

  • Wildlife clearing - sightings possible

  • Ridden as an out & back from Mulberry Gap, one way will put you 20 miles out. Unless you're looking for a 40 mile day, we recommend a shuttle pick up.

Distance from MGap: varies

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced      

Length: 24.7 mi loop from Mulberry Gap

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 6 hours

Elevation Gain: 5752 ft

Elevation Loss: 5752 ft


20 miles of thigh burning, sweat producing bliss is perhaps how you might describe this section of the Pinhoti trail. Make your way up P3 and P4 to the top of the ridge and bomb down the backside of Ft. Mt. on P5. The following section (Dennis Mill) was completed in 2014 and has got some sweet downhills, creek crossings and some nice steep climbs to keep you honest.

Windy Gap Downhill

  • Technical rock sections

  • Lots of opportunity for air + high speeds

  • Big bank turns

  • Wildlife sightings possible

  • Medium - thick canopy

  • ORV trail width

  • Lightly used trail, backcountry

Distance from MGap: 11 miles / 40 minute shuttle

Difficulty: Advanced      

Length: 4 mi. solo / 24 mi loop from Mulberry Gap

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 30 mins / 4 hours

Elevation Gain: 539 ft / 4968 ft

Elevation Loss: 2,429 ft / 4968 ft

Windy Gap offers steep climbs, technical rock gardens, and loose, rocky downhills on the singletrack. You'll end the ride with huge rollers and banked turns. The variety of options offer lots of opportunities for learning and skill development. 


Amadahy Trail / Woodring Branch Recreation Area

  • Flowy singletrack

  • Wildlife openings, sightings possible

  • Medium canopy

  • Great trail for beginners

  • Swimming, picnic opportunities 

  • Lake views border most of the trail

Distance from MGap: 30 - 60 minutes out

Difficulty: Beginner       

Length: 3.6 mi

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 1 hour

Elevation Gain: 293 ft

Elevation Loss: 286

The trail, which was built by local mountain bikers, is just a few yards from the shoreline, and it’s an absolute beauty. There are 2 miles of beautifully sculpted, fun and flowing singletrack, and then 2 more miles of wider trail that finish the ride. Even that part is good, with spectacular views of the lake and surrounding hills. There are no buildings anywhere in sight.
— Mountain Bike Action Magazine, 2014


The Amadahy trail is mostly singletrack, some places wider than others. Whether you ride the trail clockwise or counter-clockwise, you'll be descending towards Carters Lake. Flow through some easy uphill/downhill sections that keep your pace fairly even throughout the ride.

Red & White Loop / River Loop / Cartecay Loop

  • The Cartecay Loop combines the Red & White Loop with most of the River Loop

  • Wildlife openings

  • Winds through sections of the Cartecay River

  • From dense forest to creek crossings and open fields of wildflowers

  • Primarily singletrack

  • Some technical downhill & challenging climbs

Distance from MGap: 30 - 60 minutes out

Difficulty:  Intermediate / Advance

Length: 2.1 (Red & White) / 3.4 mi (River Loop) / 6.1 (Cartecay) 

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 45 mins / 1 hour / 1 hour

Elevation Gain: 202 ft (17 mi) / 395 ft (RL) / 624 ft (CL)

Elevation Loss: 214 ft (17 mi) / 374 ft (RL) / 624 ft (CL)

6 miles of hardcore fun! Right out of the parking lot, ride downhill through a field of bright yellow wildflowers. Then come to a fun, soft, steep and rooty singletrack that snakes around the trees. Roll alongside the river, jumping off roots and small rocks. The trail twists through the trees and crosses a series of small streams. The trail throws everything at you, with super-tight singletrack, old-school style.
— Mountain Bike Action Magazine, 2014

River Loop || Photo Credit: John Kerr of Mountain Bike Action Magazine

River Loop || Photo Credit: John Kerr of Mountain Bike Action Magazine


This is one of the first mountain bike trails ever built in GA and is everything you could ever want in a trail ride. The Cartecay Loop takes you through wildlife openings, dense forests, some doubletrack forest service road, but primarily singletrack. 

There is one very technical downhill, challenging climbs, lots of twists and turns, roots and rocks, the way mountain biking should be. Despite the challenge of the trail, it is worth whatever pain you may endure as you ride down by the river, cross creeks, through fields, get a glimpse of the mountains, hear and see the rushing Cartecay River, and work your way around the loop.

Snake Creek Gap (17 & 32 mile Time Trial route)

  • Rocks, technical

  • Steep descents

  • Ridgeline views of the Cumberland Plateau 

  • Creek crossings

  • Medium - thick canopy

  • Wildlife sightings possible

  • Facilities (pit toilets)

Distance from MGap: 30 - 60 minutes out

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced      

Length: 16.8 mi (17 mi) / 31.6 (32 mi) 

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use 

Average Ride Time: 3 hours / 5 hours

Elevation Gain: 3120 ft (17 mi) / 5867 ft (32 mi)

Elevation Loss: 3205 ft (17 mi) / 5638 ft (32 mi)

The next morning we creaked out of our bunks early, devoured another lumberjack-worthy breakfast, then shuttled to Dalton, GA to ride the infamous Snake Creek Gap Six Mountain Time Trial Series race course. Much of The 31 mile long Snake course is hand-built singletrack that runs along the spine of bony ridges that offer spectacular views, when you aren’t target fixated on the rock gardens in front of your wheel.
— DirtRag Magazine, 2010
David Neiles on The Snake || Photo Credit: Jeff Bartlett

David Neiles on The Snake || Photo Credit: Jeff Bartlett

Pinhoti- East Armuchee to Snake Creek Gap (1st half of the SCG Time Trial)

This is the first section of Pinhoti utilized by the Snake Creek Gap time trials. Generally known as the easier of the two there are still sections with steep climbs and technical trail features. With all but a mile of steep doubletrack descent this trail is almost all single track and has plenty of the infamous Snake Creek roots and rocks.

Pinhoti- Snake Creek Gap to Dug Gap (2nd half of the SCG Time Trial)

This section of the 160 mile Pinhoti Trail begins about fifteen miles out of Dalton, GA at the Snake Creek Gap parking area. Within this 15 mile section you will tackle 4 mountains, plenty of ridgeline and almost exclusively single track. Rocks, roots, stunning views and more rocks await you if your tackling this section of the Snake.

Jake & Bull Mountain 

  • Steep climbs

  • Fast descents

  • Mostly singletrack, back country feel

  • Beautiful views

  • Creek crossings

  • Medium - thick canopy

  • Wildlife sightings possible

Distance from MGap: 30 - 60 minutes out

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced      

Length: 25 mi

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 5 hours

Elevation Gain: 3062 ft

Elevation Loss: 3062 ft

This trail system has it all, from the flow of  Jake Mountain to the more technical singletrack of Bull Mountain. The pay off of Bull Mountain’s downhill is huge and will leave you smiling as you wrap up a day in the saddle. This is an epic ride you will not forget.

Stanley Gap / Aska Trail System

Distance from MGap: 30 - 60 minutes out

Difficulty: Intermediate  / Advance 

Length: 15 mi

Direction / Usage: Two way / Multi-use

Average Ride Time: 3 hours

Elevation Gain: 2496 ft

Elevation Loss: 2510 ft

The 5-mile singletrack climb was broken up nicely into climbing and recovery sections instead of a steady grind. The trail is on the sunny side of the mountain but semi-shaded by the trees. The climb was worth the work, because we were rewarded with a fast and flowy descent through the trees. This is a good, long, training-ride trail if you’re looking to boost your daily mileage.
— Mountain Bike Action Magazine, 2014


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