Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way

Mulberry Gap is a rustic haven located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia with IMBA Epic mountain bike trails outside our front door! We provide cabin and campsite lodging, delicious home cooked meals and an amazing craft beer selection, shuttles to trailheads, guided mountain bike tours, and we host a variety of clinics, events, and private groups. 

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Pinhoti 3, 4, 5 & Dennis Mill

The 18.5 Mile “Bearhoti” loop is a Mulberry Gap staple and a must ride during your visit. However, regardless of the length of your stay, repeating the “Bearhoti” route is not your only option.

Photo by Bill Rush

Continuing southwest out of Mulberry Gap along the Pinhoti trail system are sections P3, P4, P5 and Dennis Mill. Characteristically similar to the “Bearhoti loop”, this route is a muti-use, multi-directional trail, connected by current use and closed gravel road sections. Each trail segment has sections of singletrack, broader previously designated OHV trail and retired logging roads. The descents within this trail section can be steep and worth every foot of earned elevation.

Methods of Riding

Least strenuous: The least strenuous way to experience this route is to be shuttled twice. The first shuttle can be used to skip the moderately difficult climb within the P3 segment. The shuttle will drop you off at the beginning of P4. Then, upon finishing the route, a rider can choose to be picked up at the lower trailhead of the Dennis Mill section located off Dennis Mill road or at The Stallion gas station located on HWY 52. Approximately 23 miles

Moderately strenuous: The second option is to complete each section, starting from Mulberry Gap and climbing P3. Again, upon finishing the route, a rider can choose to be picked up at the lower trailhead of the Dennis Mill section located off Dennis Mill road or at The Stallion gas station located on HWY 52. Approximately 28 miles

Moderately strenuous: Another option is to shuttle to the P4 trailhead and complete the ride to the Dennis Mill lower trailhead. From the Dennis Mill lower trailhead, you can turn right onto Old Federal Highway, cross Hwy 52, stay straight and the road switches to Cool Springs Road. A few more miles on pavement, headed north, and you’ll intersect with Old CCC Camp Road. From here, you’ll hang a right, stay straight when pavement turns to gravel and you’ll be back to Mulberry within 5 miles. Approximately 38 miles

Most strenuous: The longest option with the most amount of climbing will save you from having to shuttle completely. This option has a rider leaving from Mulberry Gap, climbing P3 and continuing through the Dennis Mill segment. From the Dennis Mill lower trailhead, a rider will pedal north on a few local highways until they reach Old CCC Camp road. Continuing west on CCC Camp will bring you back into Mulberry Gap after a few miles of gravel road. Approximately 42 miles

Santos/San Felasco 2016 Scouting Trip

This past weekend, we made our way out to San Felasco and Santos to prepare a route for our tour guests in March. The weather was brisk, but sunny and dry. Our plan on Friday was to make our way out to the eastern edge of the San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park and turn back to catch all of the best trails. There are upwards of 35 miles of trails to ride and we wanted to make sure that we explored as many trails as possible in the Park without going overboard. We needed to bare in mind that Andrew and Kate had just finished their Hurracan 300 ride, so we didn't want to push it.

IMG_9735 smaller.jpeg

San Felasco did not disappoint. It is quite different from most other trails in Florida. The rolling ridge formations help keep the landscape inviting and varied. The land was once for grazing as evidenced by the ruins of a feed shed and even now some of the trails cut thru farms, but now woods have again covered the area and are home to deer, hawks, and other wild life.

IMG_9683 smaller.jpeg

It is hard to point to one specific element that makes San Felasco special. There are some creek crossings and trails that snake along ravines and hollows. The trails flow well and can be taken at speed for an exciting turn in the woods. It is really the combination of well maintained bike trails that traverse thru a beautiful landscape that just makes you happy to be alive.

Santos/Vortex, on the other hand, is very different. Although they are only an hour apart, the area is known for having some of the best technical elements in the state and some wicked trails. Old quarries and large rocks make the toughest trails in Santos/Vortex a challenge for even the most experienced rider and each year, more man-made trail elements are added. Most of the new work I have seen has been around a new pump track in Vortex. The most difficult parts of the trails can be avoided if a rider feels uncomfortable. I certainly still can be hesitant at times.

Our objective is to show off the best trails in Florida, whether they are long and flowing, or intense and challenging. Santos/Vortex and San Felasco are trails that are worth the visit. Oh, and by the way, the weather was sunny in low sixties, a bit chilly for Florida, but much warmer than everywhere else!


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